Soar like a Dove .. Feel as fresh as can be ..


Okay, so.. I get a lot of questions about my skin and what do I use for a face cleanser. DOVE!! Yes, I use Doves Beauty Bar as a daily face wash and it's by far thee BEST. And of course my FAVE!!

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No over powering scents
Two of my FAVORITE Beauty Bars from Dove ..

Two of my FAVORITE Beauty Bars from Dove ..

 As a teen, acne and my skin were not friends! I HATED IT! It was so annoying waking up to a pimple that could be anywhere between my forehead and chest. And being that all my friends had such beautiful skin, it was so embarrassing. I tried just about everything.. Noxzema, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Mary Kay, Proactive, etc. Some worked for a short while, others just made it worst. Until one day .. My senior year in hight school, I said, "Fuck it! Why don't I just use Dove soap!?" I mean how could something I've been using on my whole body my ENTIRE life not be okay for my face?? And since then Dove Beauty Bar has been my #1 go to and my skin has been on its best behavior. Every now and then ill have a small breakout which is normal, but skin stays pretty clear.

I will note that using Dove can be a little drying so make sure your moisturizer.

Thanks for tuning in Loves <3

-Keli Jenee

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