Soar like a Dove .. Feel as fresh as can be ..


Okay, so.. I get a lot of questions about my skin and what do I use for a face cleanser. DOVE!! Yes, I use Doves Beauty Bar as a daily face wash and it's by far thee BEST. And of course my FAVE!!

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No over powering scents
Two of my FAVORITE Beauty Bars from Dove ..

Two of my FAVORITE Beauty Bars from Dove ..

 As a teen, acne and my skin were not friends! I HATED IT! It was so annoying waking up to a pimple that could be anywhere between my forehead and chest. And being that all my friends had such beautiful skin, it was so embarrassing. I tried just about everything.. Noxzema, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Mary Kay, Proactive, etc. Some worked for a short while, others just made it worst. Until one day .. My senior year in hight school, I said, "Fuck it! Why don't I just use Dove soap!?" I mean how could something I've been using on my whole body my ENTIRE life not be okay for my face?? And since then Dove Beauty Bar has been my #1 go to and my skin has been on its best behavior. Every now and then ill have a small breakout which is normal, but skin stays pretty clear.

I will note that using Dove can be a little drying so make sure your moisturizer.

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-Keli Jenee

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First Things First ..

Im nervous as HELL ! Lol, But WELCOME to my first ever blog post! I've been contemplating for a while now about starting one because there are just soOo many out there and I always thought, "Who would give two shits about what I had to say??" but OH WELL! Time yo get my feet wet. Many of my Clients, Family and Friends ask me advice about makeup application, beauty tips & tricks, what products to use and even modeling tips. So why not share what I know and love about the Beauty World to the World.

I'll be sharing with you guys my favorite products (Note: Not all products work the same for everyone), testing out some new products, giving some helpful makeup tips and tricks and previewing some of the latest projects I'm working on. And when I get the hang of it, maybe even more.

If you didn't know already.. I am a certified Cosmetologist who loves doing makeup and hooking up those BROWS.

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